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Surgery and Dental Care

Surgical Theatre

Port Phillip Animal Hospital has a dedicated surgical suite catering for both soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. This allows us to perform operations from routine desexings and lump removals to emergency and advanced procedures in an infection-free environment.

General Anaesthetic and your Pet

Patients undergoing a general anaesthetic at the Port Phillip Animal Hospital are appointed a dedicated veterinarian and surgical nurse who will care for your pet throughout the day. Our trained nurses will monitor your pet continuously in conjunction with the veterinarians throughout their anaesthetic. We use the most up to date monitoring equipment to ensure your pet's anaesthetic proceeds without complication. All patients that undergo a general anaesthetic at the Port Phillip Animal Hospital are placed on intravenous fluids (a drip) during their procedure, this assists in maintaining optimal blood pressure. We also offer all of our surgical patients pre-anaesthetic blood testing. Pre anaesthetic blood testing checks that organs such as the kidneys and liver are functioning properly. We also check that your pet has adequate red blood cells to carry enough oxygen around their body during an anaesthetic. We are able to quickly perform these important tests in our in-house laboratory.

Pain Relief

At Port Phillip Animal Hospital we firmly believe that pain relief is not an optional extra. We design individualised pain management strategies for all of our surgical patients, before, during and after their procedure. Rest easy, in the knowledge that they will be too.


Your pet will be monitored closely during their recovery from anaesthetic. Small and young patients will be recovered in a humidicrib which can provide much needed warmth and oxygen support following and anaesthetic. Larger patients are placed on heating mats and are provided with hot water bottles and plenty of comfortable blankets. Once your pet has recovered we will offer them some food as this will also aid their recovery. 

Dental Procedures

A specially designated treatment area is used for dental procedures. We use an ultrasonic scaler and deluxe dental unit which allows us to clean and then polish your pet's teeth to ensure optimum dental health is restored. It is a similar procedure to how your dentist would clean your teeth! A veterinarian can assess your pet's teeth once they are clean and advise you if any of them require removal or restorative procedures.  Learn more