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Health Care

  • Heartworm and Intestinal Worming

It is recommended that you use a preventative heartworm treatment for your dog. There are many options available so ask our nursing staff for advice on the best preventative for your situation. We recommend worming your pet for intestinal worms every 3 months. These treatments come in many forms and our staff can assist you in selecting the one that is right for your pet. We will also happily send you a reminder in 3 months so you know when your pet is next due.

Flea Treatment

Where there are pets, unfortunately there can be fleas!  So we recommend that all pets receive a monthly flea preventative. We offer an extensive range of flea treatments that are safe and effective for your pets and your household.  Speak to one of our staff to ensure you have a foolproof flea management plan in place.

In-House Blood Testing

  • We offer a comprehensive range of pathology services at the Port Phillip Animal Hospital. Annual blood ch