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Health Care

  • Heartworm and Intestinal Worming

It is recommended that you use a preventative heartworm treatment for your dog. There are many options available so ask our nursing staff for advice on the best preventative for your situation. We recommend worming your pet for intestinal worms every 3 months. These treatments come in many forms and our staff can assist you in selecting the one that is right for your pet. We will also happily send you a reminder in 3 months so you know when your pet is next due.

Flea Treatment

Where there are pets, unfortunately there can be fleas!  So we recommend that all pets receive a monthly flea preventative. We offer an extensive range of flea treatments that are safe and effective for your pets and your household.  Speak to one of our staff to ensure you have a foolproof flea management plan in place.

In-House Blood Testing

  • We offer a comprehensive range of pathology services at the Port Phillip Animal Hospital. Annual blood checks are encouraged for all geriatric pets (over eight years of age) or for those who have been unwell or displayed a change in behaviour. These important tests can help us diagnose problems at an early and more treatable stage.

    Pet Travel Advice

    If your pet is moving overseas with you it will have to meet certain quarantine requirements, these vary depending on your destination. At Port Phillip Animal Hospital our AQIS accreditation allows us to perform all quarantine work before you go, we can provide health examinations, blood testing, vaccinations and all important certification to successfully get your pet on the road. Preparing your pet for travel may take several visits so contact us well in advance of your departure, and consult AQIS to find out exactly what is needed.  For general pet travel advice click here.

    Pet Slimmers Club

    For pets that are challenged by weight gain we offer a pet slimmer program that is tailored to each pet's individual needs. If you are concerned about your pet's current weight please visit the clinic and one of our nurses will be able to assess your pet's weight and discuss options. We stock specially designed diets for weight loss in these pets.

Premium Pet Foods

  • Our staff are able to advise you on the best diet to suit your pet. We stock a full range of Prescription and life-stage premium pet foods to best suit your pet's age, size or medical condition. Nutrition is an important part of your pets health care and we are more than happy to assist you with any dietary questions you may have.

    Animal Awareness Days 

  • The Port Phillip Animal Hospital holds regular client education events. Our animal awareness days have been extremely popular so far. In the coming year we will be holding further events addressing nutrition, pets and pregnancy, senior pets and more. If you have a topic you would like us to cover please email us on:

With a staff member assigned as preventative care coordinator, we ensure that our clients are provided with the latest recommendations and products available.