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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

At the Port Phillip Animal Hospital we are equipped with the best available tools to diagnose and monitor your pet's health problems.  Take confidence in the fact that your pet will be screened with industry-leading  X-ray, ultrasound and video/digital endoscopic units.


X-rays are taken and processed on site via our computed radiography unit. This allows us to make a rapid assessment and diagnosis of your pet's condition. Commonly used for diagnosis of fractures, hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis and many other internal diseases.


Ultrasound is used at Port Phillip Animal Hospital for disease identification, pregnancy diagnosis, cancer staging and also in emergency situations.  Ultrasound offers us a safe and non-invasive way of collecting information about the internal organs, either prior to surgery or possibly even eliminating the need for surgery.


Video endoscopy mainly assists in the identification of abnormalities of the digestive and respiratory systems. Biopsy samples can be collected allowing us to take a minimally invasive route to diagnosis in some patients.  We also utilise this equipment to quickly retrieve foreign material - such as a bone or other ingested material - from an animal's digestive system where necessary.