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Cat Boarding

Leanne and the run

The Port Phillip Animal Hospital is the 'purrfect' place for your feline friend to spend their next holiday. We offer both short and long stays in a safe and friendly environment. All of our guests are monitored closely to ensure that they are enjoying their stay.


We offer three suite sizes to our guests. All suites are decked out with comfortable bedding, litter tray and food and water bowl. Guests are welcome to bring their favourite bed if they wish. Our suites are:


Double Deluxe Suite

This is designed for the guest that likes their exercise. It has three platforms and a corner hammock style shelf to laze away on. This suite is also purrfect for a couple  who live happily together at home. These guests have access to our cat run. 

Single Deluxe Suite- Top

This is designed for the guest who is likes their daily exercise but also ideal for the less active guest who likes to sleep the day away, occasionaly opening their eyes to look out over the rest of the cattery. These guests also have access to the cat run.

Single Deluxe Suite- Bottom

 This is designed for the less active guest that also enjoys their privacy. These guests are able to stretch their legs during cleaning times. These guests do not have access to the cat run.


 All our guests are offered premium cat food that is chosen specifically for their age and activity level. We feed Hill's Science Diet to all our guests. If your cat has a specific dietary requirement then please discuss this with the nurse when you book in.

Cat Run

Guests that stay in our Double Deluxe and Single Deluxe-Top Suites are allowed  access to a cat run. Our cat run extends from the cattery into the waiting room. It is a large secure area where our guests like to play, meow at our clients or just sleep the day away.


All of our guests need their vaccinations to be current, and they must be treated for both worms and fleas.  Worming, flea treatment or any other veterinary attention can be organised at your cat's check-in.

Making a Booking

If you would like to make a reservation for your cat, contact our nursing staff on 96868838. You are welcome to visit the Port Phillip Animal Hospital for a tour of the cattery. We recommend booking well in advance for busy periods such as long weekends, school holidays and Christmas.